Thursday, 24 February 2011

Marmot Legs

I modeled the legs with a kink, therefore they seem to deform every time they are moved. The only way around this is to change the geometry to make them straight and smooth them out and the Re-Paint the weights on the Marmot.... What a Pain

More Marmot Problems From Hayley

The weights is the main issue for this marmot, some of the weights on the hands were being influenced by his spine joints, and the wrist was deforming because the hand joint was not quite in the right place, I must have moved it somehow after i painted the weights, it went back to normal when it was in the correct place.

I managed to correct some of these problems within a couple of days.

Marmot Problems From Hayley

Here are the images Hayley has sent me of the problems for the Marmot......
To fix the leg i actually changed the model, Where i modelled him he had a slight indent on the knee which was giving this weird Crease in his leg. Therefore I also had to paint the weights on him again.

The shoulders to the marmot was playing up because of the weights again, so i took off all the weights from the shoulder influence and added some influence to the clavicle influence. This balanced him out a bit better.....

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Marmot Update

Completed on the Rig, just need to get him tested.....

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Marmot Update

I have the marmot rig up to the stage of the weights done. I do need to find a IK stretchy tutorial that will work with my rig, And Hayley do i need to make face controls? i'm not sure on that. The file for some reason wasn't emailing because the file is too big. Discuss it tomorrow when everyone is in.
See you all tomorrow.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Group aims for this weekend 18th-21st

Howdy, I know i forgot to post this yesterday. :-) Hope all your dissertations went well....

David - Block out environment so on monday we can go through some camera angles.

Tara - I know- still not finished, Marmot, but id like it to be finished today.

Sam- Environment trees - Ice age have some cool looking pine trees.

Dean - Environment UV mapping - log / hut

Hayley - Completion of model and blend shapes for mongolian

Any questions ect, email me.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Blendshapes Issues....

Hayley has combined two versions of the Marmot, one without the body and one without the head. The blend shapes then worked on the head. And after she combined the meshes to get one whole body... I just don't know how this will affect the rigging if at all

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Marmot Model

The Marmot Model, I had to change it slightly as Hayley was creating the blend-shapes and she needed more geometry around the mouth in order to get the shapes she wanted. So here is the final model with the mesh shown. I smoothed him once and added loop edges to his mouth......

MARMOT model number two.........

This is our cheeky marmot.

Nose made bigger for bigger emphasis.

Big round eyes to make him look more cheeky.

Round body and stomach to make him look well fed and fat.

Tail made longer..... I think the marmot i had before was too cute and we would feel bad when we roast him on the fire later on.....

I may need to make his head a bit bigger and rounder, looks a little flat from the sides.......

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Marmot Model Blend shape Problem

Hayley's been doing some of the blend-shapes for the marmot and she is finding it hard because there are not enough vertices on the model to create good smooth blend-shapes.

I've had to add more geometry and smooth it once in order to give her what she needs....