Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Animation Test 01 - Marmot Pointing (Shot 24)

The Shot i got was the marmot pointing out to the mongol that the eagle is about to swoop in and steal there chicken.
Its only my first piece of animation, and im hoping to get it looking a lot better than this.....

The jumps need to be sorted out, and the hands need to be weighted. Maybe more expression and panic needs to be shown..........The feet need to have more done. Need to go into animation editor......

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Eagle Rigging

The Joints i had problems with as they would move the mesh too much and disjoint the wings. Therefore I attached a handle which is not to be moved so that it doesn't disjoint the wings....

Here i have created two handles that look after the eyes, As you can see below, moving one makes they mesh deform.

Mesh deforming eyes not moving with mesh

The eagle rig handles can move up and down to allow the wings to go up and down.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Health and Safety

Its nearing the end of making the film and our projects and practically all our work is done on computer. I have begun to get headaches so I plan to stick to the guideline for what we should and should not do in the work place.

Ill be taking regular breaks away from my computer every hour you are meant to have ten minutes away from the computer.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Eagle Test Texture

Here is me testing the texture for the eagle, I wanted to try and use real feather textures to that there is some variation in colour and shading rather than a plain texture. The texture seems to be working quite well.

My Test Textures.......

Texture For the Mongol

Here is the texture i created for the mongol. I took textures of leather and overlayed it with a pure colour for the boots. The texture for the clothing is a textured pattern of knitted fabric, then there is a fur texture for the bit around the bottom.

This is the Texture for the Marmot.... I used a paint tool in photoshop to create this effect. I found this was good as not a lot of the seems are shown....

The Mongol's Hat

Overlayed with a fur texture at low opacity combines with a light brown.

The Mongols Face and Mustache.... Needs more work, but is simple.... Works still......

Mongols Flappy hands......

Hayley's rig....when you use the rotate on the wrist it does not rotate the arm aswell it stops dead at the wrist which isnt right....I know, the wrist can only be rotated, but its the way the rig is set up. Taking off the lock on the rotate gives the same principle as the sliding attributes on the hand, but makes it a bit easier to control the wrist. i cant make it like the marmot, as i may need to re-do the arm set-up.

Scheduling in Shot Gun

We had been given a scheduling software package from Jared to try and help us with our scheduling project in term two.
Here are some screenshots for how it was going.

Unfortunately, our group did not take well to using this software and so nothing was filled out as done, in progress or anything so its very difficult to determine how everyone is getting on with the project.
Therefore it was scrapped and David and I have gone to word of mouth to see how everything is getting on.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Email - Mongol Problems with Wrist....

It seems a couple of you have problems with rotating the wrist, There is a control on the hand control for that, however, i have removed the channel blocking the rotate if you prefer, it gives a bit more freedom with the wrists.

The eye has now been moved back slightly to allow the blendshape to work properly for the eye blink,

In order to deans question, the big smiley face on the outside holds all the blendshapes in the attribute editor, it can then be middle mouse controlled to open and close eyes ect.
If you prefer not to have the blends connected, simply delete the smiley face and all blends can be accessed through> window>Animation editors>blendshapes

The marmot is slightly different, the eyes have seperate blinks on the actual eyes of the smiley face called eye blink. - Ive noticed the eye blends arent attached, but they will be in the up coming rig i will be sending out this evening. Im hoping these will be the final rigs for these characters, but if anyone has problems, im sure i can change them still.

David, i didnt attach all the bloody textures, i think i was distracted earlier, so ill send them separately.

Mongol attached, called mastermongol, i will also add him to the Adrive later......

Cheers everyone

From Tara

Email - Progress

I have tried to fix the marmot which for some reason had a few problems as listed below. I have managed to fix him and hoping that he will be able to be animated with.

Because the marmot has such small arms and legs, there is a big crease when you try to stretch the leg back too far. I spoke with David about this and he said it looks natural anyway and when hes running you won't see much of that anyway, so he is how he is.....

Attached is Marmot - Which im hoping is going to be final......


Hands- fingers should now work
Few weights issues
Feet, should now work on TOES properly for bending of foot
Blendshapes are now added to head control
Blink is on both of the eyes on circle around the eyes like goggles

Any more issues, let me know.

Thank you

From Tara

Animation - The Shots, Given out....

Here is What people have been allocated, please check the Anamatic to get the full Picture of exactly what's happening in each shot and for how long..... Sam has set up most cameras and time lines, collect files off of A-Drive....







Animation Shots - SNATCHED

1. Camera Zoom in eagle view, Mongolian walking to fire.

2. Marmot sniffing the smell

3. Marmot poke head up behind rock. Mongol is cooking by fire.

4. Marmot sneaks up behind man

5. Mongol looks around, Mongol and Marmot come face to face

6. Marmot steals the Chicken and runs away

7. Reaction Shot of Mongolian upset and Angry about food being taken.

8. Marmot runs away over hills in distance

9. Mongol runs towards camera

10. Mongol runs over hills after marmot.

11. Mongol chase marmot up a hill. Marmot Jumps on rock and goes to start sliding down the hill. Mongol Trips on rock and fly’s forward (in Slow motion)

12. Sliding down hill.

13. Camera shake towards log – Hands Shaking

14. Marmot and Mongol Sliding through log.

15. Both slide out of log, Marmot get grabbed in mid air

16. Free-Fall Fighting

17. Climb out of ditches both Mongol and marmot.

18. Marmot and Mongol run cycle over the hills

19. Mongol runs up hill, side view no legs showing

20. Marmot Jumps over Rocks

21. Mongol reaches top of hill slowly – out of breath, Marmot dancing

22. Mongol takes chicken from the marmot, Reaction shot from Marmot.

23. Zoom out- Eagle Wing shot and Fly over

24. Marmot points out the eagle behind him, jumping up and down and flapping his arms to try make him protect the food.

25. Mongol looks around at bird – Reaction shot as food gets swiped from his hand.

26. Bird snatches chicken close up.

27. Bird fly’s off with chicken

28. Reaction shot of both of them, Mongol gets his great idea

29. Marmot swinging from Spit

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mongol - Sitting

Hayley's posted on the group blog, she has problems with making the mongol sit down?..... Below are her screen grabs....

I managed to get the mongol sitting in a pose, Hayley was having a few issues with his clothing, so hopefully i managed to sort them out.

I painted a few weights on the clothing, but it should all be ok now....