Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Final Sliding Shot Sequence - Shot 12

Shot Number 12

I was given this shot. It follows from the two characters running up a hill and the mongol trips in slow motion into the fall. This next shot is then followed by the hands infront of the camera sliding towards a log......

Here is what i believe will be renderd out to be the final shot.........

And Here it is rendered......

Friday, 27 May 2011

Joey - Final Rig Working

Model, Blend shapes and Spine and Leg set up by Leonard
Painting Weights, Guey Control and Eye Set- up By myself......

Here he is as a finished Rig, I've given it to Leonard and he will let me know if any issues come up with him......

Im Quite happy with the way he has gone as i only spent three days work on him in the end. I didn't have any issues when it came to file type, it didn't explode on the boys yet...... Mission Achieved


Sam had his parents go away for a week or so, so we will hopefully get a chance to meet up amd animate around his house for a while and set up sone computers so he can render faster. 27th friday
Longest day at uni David Dean and I and bob were all in again today, stayed at uni till 8 didn't get home till late. Spoken to daljeet and I hoping everyone will be in next week, we haven't had a group meeting with everyone for a few days now. Hayley broke her rig today, she managed to somehow parent the contollers together so the arms were doing very strange things, as it was her rig, I tried to see what the problem was but couldn't work it out, i had to get hayley to upload then i had to download the file from adrive, with only a couple of weeks left for animating I didn't fancy sitting for hours to find out what was wrong with it so I tried to copy the animation across to another rig but even then the legs started to spazzing out. I had to say to her in the end that it would be quicker to block out the animation again from scratch or work from an earlier

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Frank Rig

I have been adding the model to the rig andy created.

Here i was trying to get the shoes and clothing to fit properly to the man as for some reason the two models were different sizes.

Painting weights on the hand. the joints in the hand did not match up properly so i had to rotate the handle before i skinned the character.

Painting weights on the man, on the feet.

Setting up the eyes. Somewhere along the line I have managed to loose the connection on the eyes so they dont move when the head does.
Ive had to re-attach them by connecting them to the head joint...

Feed Back about some of Hayleys Animation........

Unfortunately due to illness hayley has not been able to come in for some of the week and again today, therefore David and I have sat for a long while and tried to write her some constructive criticism which may help her animation:

Marmot_Running over hills.....

The camera for that shot needs to come back, showing more of the hills (Check anamatic), and the marmot needs to run right from the left corner for longer than when hes running in the distance. Make him slower in the first second, with him on screen more/closer up to show him running.

Run cycle has improved, Can we see him from the side and back, just post it up.....

Shot 7 - Close_UP face: Head seems to Ropey, needs some weight, he wants to look around quickly, so pause at beginning with shocked expression, and then goes into angry face after the head has turned. (I would show you Davids idea, when he does it its sooo funny! :-))

Shot 6 - You don't need to animate him getting up, we wanna see the mongol with the chicken, then the marmot take it away from him. (This would mean using two pieces of chicken and matching them up and animating the visibility of them to see one from the other, if you need help with this, i will go through it with you.) So the Mongol holds the chicken with the marmot holding the chicken standing in front of him both looking at each other (First pose), then the marmot whips it away from him and gets into a running pose. The the marmot runs off really fast, (Probably be having a motion blur in this point) much the same like the road runner sequence.

Shots 22,23 - liking the holding chicken side to side dancing, we need to take out the spinning, coz otherwise we think that the marmot will see the mongol, so rock him side to side again and then hold up the chicken like a trophy. The mongol should come up, take a couple stomp steps and then snatch the chicken, then when the marmot turns around he should be in right position for next shot.

Falling sequence - First pose is them together holding each other should follow from davids, the shot starts with just the side of the cliff, they both come into the shot and they should both leave the shot realizing the are gonna hit the ground.... the chicken can be falling separate at beginning and then the marmot jumps on mongol to get to the chicken, the jumps need to be slightly faster, but we realize you have only blocked them out.....

Frank Explosion

Again The differences in versions has exploded the rig, Therefore i have had to paint the weights again in maya 2008 so that the twins could use it as they only have 2008 version of Maya


Have e and e session, surprise surprise hardly anyone in, David and Dean were in by the end of it and we discussed what animation had and had not been finishes again, gone through my sniffing shot with David and Dean has gone through he sneaking sequence.


Leonard and Shuhel are having issues with rigging their characters today, I sat next to them and tried to help but trying to do my own work swell, it would be quicker for me to do it myself, therefor leonard created the blend shapes and I have taken home the rest to try and finish it

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Adding the blend shapes to the character JOEY was a bit of a pain today, they were doing what the mArmot was doing before, changing position instead of the whole head shape. This meant I had to freeze transform all the heads on the main head and then move them away in order for them to work properly, I think this was because Leonard missiles and began to rig the character when he was halfway on the rig, meaning the character wasn't at 0 to add the blendshapes, they were getting confused with where they needed to be. 


Here is the model I have taken from Leonard. He has managed to get up to the stage of having the leg and spine set up, and I have got him to create the blend shapes he wanted to use. Here the eyes have somehow detached from the model, To solve this i have constrain parented the eyes to a controller at the back on a arrow control.
Here I have started to create a guy control, for my other rigs i have added the blend shapes into the sidebar controller, and so i decided to have a go at something new and create a gooey control using the connection editor. It was quite a easy process, and I have tried my best to match the right control to the right blend shapes but leonard make some strange blend shapes....

The Twins_Problem with Frank

The twins came to me with their problem. Andy had made the rig, but the blendshapes were not attaching properly and therefore didn't work, this meant they had one model attached to a rig and another model with blendshapes. The reason I found they were not working was the fact that the two models were different, one was bigger than the other and therefore seen as different meshes. 
To resolve their problem I took the rig and used the model that worked with the blendshapes I then had to make the new clothing fit as Alex had made a new coat and the attach the model and paint the weights. Because there were two meshes,getting the weights right on both of them was a pain. Therefore I learnt a new tool which was to wrap the clothing to the model. This helped a lot as then I could paint the weights to the man unclothed and then the clothing when on would follow wherever the man was moved. There were a couple of issues with the rig, one was that the fingers controller was set up strange. The finger controls were controlled with the grab, so the fingers would move only as much as the index bend ect. This wouldn't be as much of a problem but for close up animation of the hands I think it could limit them.
The rig still has some weighting issues but I'm afraid if I go too much into it I won't get my work done in time, therefore I've done the best I van do on the time frame I had.
They came back to me today with a different problem, the blendshapes and finger movements are lagging, unfortunately this has to do with the history on the character and his blend-shapes and the wrap of the clothing, and without deleting it, it cannot go away, if it was to be deleted, all painting weights on the character would disappear and it wouldn't be connected at all, therefore the only way to solve it this late on in the term would be to play blast the blend shapes, it's a longer way around the issue, but hopefully they can still get something out of the rig.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Shot 24 marmot point, eagle swoop in

This is my test for the eagle and the action together, needs a lot more work....

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Shot 24 marmot point, eagle swoop in

This is my test for the eagle and the action together, needs a lot more work....

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Mongol_ Character Designs and Concept

Sniff_shot New (Shot 2)

Here we have now changed the camera angle, I like the expression at the end, but need to speak to dan and see what he thinks. Also dont know if the shot is too long and i may need to whittle it down a bit....

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Slide_Down (Shot .....)

Heres the rough block out. I need to make the man slide a bit more harshly across the ground.....

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Eagle_Working Rig.....

Camera Angle for Shot 24

Finally have a decision on the angle for the camera for shot 22......

Landscape - Concept

Friday, 20 May 2011

Re-do of Mongol Rig and comparison

Although Hayley has rigged the Mongol, some of our animators are finding it hard to use her rig. I have decided to try and re-do the rig to get the animators back on track..... I can still keep all of the Blend shapes she has done, but I will hopefully be able to put the knees and the elbows back into the character, i think they were places slightly in the wrong places....

I have managed to rig the mongol again over the weekend, so now The knees are in the correct place, The weights on the clothing therefore work out a lot better, and each Eye can move separately now. Mine is to the left, hayleys to the right

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Test - Sniff Shot (Shot 2)

The shot was given to Daljeet to do, and he was having a few problems understanding what we wanted from the shot. I decided i would have a go and see if I could create the idea we wanted, This is how its turned out......

Thoughts on this..... Unsure of angle, as Dan commented he has a too big of a head for it to perhaps work, Therefore a side profile may help better......

Untitled from Tara Dulake on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Animation - Pose to Pose MArmot (Shot 24)

Tested the bird flying...... Added my marmot jumping up and down. Quite like camera, but still unsure of which we will actually be using.....

RE-DID animation to POSE to POSE, easier to change timings. Still needs work, but need to find out where camera lies to clean up the animation better....

Added more squash and stretch, longer sad pose at beginning....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Chicken Model

Dean has re-done the chicken model and the fireplace today..... Tried to give him some helpful hints on modeling technique..

Email on my Progress

Hello All,

New rigs are up on A-Drive for the marmot, mongol and Eagle.

Mongol: Hand size should now be the same
Locators had keyframes on them
Clavicle handles now can be shown and are in correct position

Marmot: when rotated, the tail moves into the body- added new ctrl and parented it to the tail and the main ctrl
The blendshape for big smile is called: Open mouth....

Eagle: not tested yet,

Any new problems let me know.

Rob: We like your run cycle, can you finesse it and also try a run cycle for the marmot for us when you get back: Your dead line for Mongol run is Monday... Let me know if you can't hit the deadline.

Jobs for Thursday:

Hayley: Falling scene finished
Tara: Pointing finished
Dean: Climbing out of hole, block out and finesse on Mongol
David: Finish textures and block out sliding scene
Sam: Enjoy yourself, hell will break loose when you return!!


From Tara

Monday, 2 May 2011

Schedule Till End of Term

Schedule Till End of Term




SAM – Chicken carcass on spit modelled

HAYLEY – Dancing Marmot sequence

TARA – Pointing Marmot

DEAN – Climbing out of holes shot



(Decision needed for end shots….)

DAVID – Textures For Mountains, Sliding in and out of log shot.

SAM – Mongol cooking/Preparing food/ Rendering

HAYLEY – Free Fall Fight sequence

TARA –Rig Chicken carcass, Sliding down hill Shot

DEAN – Climbing out of holes shot - Finalise

ROB – Run Cycle - MARMOT


DAVID - Sliding in and out of log shot.

SAM – Marmot turning on spit, Mongol Pleased. / Rendering

HAYLEY – food gets snatched from marmot, Mongol happy, Mongol Looks round at bird. Food gets snatched.

TARA – Sliding down hill shot

DEAN – Marmot sneaks up behind man shot

ROB – Mongol looks round and comes face to face with Marmot shot


DAVID– Bird flying in

SAM – Lighting/ Rendering/ Compositing

HAYLEY – Chase, Trip on rock and go flying/ Clean up animation/ Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA – Applying run cycles to shot sequences

DEAN – Man sneaking up behind man shot finalise

ROB – Clean up on any of your animation that’s needed.


DAVID – Rendering/ Compositing

SAM – Lighting/ Rendering/Compositing

HAYLEY - Clean up animation / Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA - Applying run cycles to shot sequences

DEAN – Title sequences


DAVID– Rendering/ Compositing

SAM– Rendering/ Compositing

HAYLEY- Clean up animation/ Applying run cycles to shot sequences

TARA - Rendering/ Compositing

DEAN – Title Sequences