Monday, 20 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Hand in

Managed to get my work to disc despite the problems with my Mac not writing to disc, but im not the only one who has been having this problem..... All Done, All Good, Now we just need to get our work ready for degree show.....

Eagle Rig

Some how i forgot to add the eagle rig into my folders, So here he is working......

Schedule of what happened overall to our project....

My General Feedback....On Myself

My Artistic Folder
This folder i'm quite please with, I would have liked to do a couple more concept work on landscape design and do some really detailed pieces, but I had a lot of other work to do and Artistic wasn't my main folder. A lot of the landscape was designed as it was modelled.

My Animation Folder
I didn't think i would be any good at animating to begin with, but it think I did ok in it, I would like to have finessed it a bit more but I think every one was at the same standard for animating in the group so all of it could be finessed to a higher standard than what it is. Rob really Helped us out with his Animating, I think his was better out all of it.

My Technical Folder
I was pleased with this in the end although the rigs could all still be finessed a bit more in looks and in painting weights they worked enough to get some good animation out of it. I would have
liked to have spent even more time on them than i did, i only spent two days on the frank rig and two days on the Joey rig, so i feel these could have been more perfected.

The Blog......
Probably should have updated it a bit more but its got all the information needed I think.......

Thursday, 16 June 2011

My schedules - how it has gone.....

First Term

My Schedule for Second Term

Here is my schedule for the final term.

Scheduling over all.....

With scheduling, I composed a Schedule at the beginning of term one. This stated on which week group members should be carrying out their jobs. This however was not stuck to as everyone seemed to go and do other things and jobs got jumbled up when it came to doing them. Some of the modelling got held back and some of the design work, so that started off a brick wall on our film. No-one wanted to get started on the UV mapping and When Dean was struggling I helped out as it was allowing the rigging to not be finished.

The UV mapping has to be finished before painting the weights or the texture will keep moving on the character.

Th main thing that was holding our team back in the first term was the Anamatic, that didnt get sorted out until mid way through term two.