Friday, 17 June 2011

My General Feedback....On Myself

My Artistic Folder
This folder i'm quite please with, I would have liked to do a couple more concept work on landscape design and do some really detailed pieces, but I had a lot of other work to do and Artistic wasn't my main folder. A lot of the landscape was designed as it was modelled.

My Animation Folder
I didn't think i would be any good at animating to begin with, but it think I did ok in it, I would like to have finessed it a bit more but I think every one was at the same standard for animating in the group so all of it could be finessed to a higher standard than what it is. Rob really Helped us out with his Animating, I think his was better out all of it.

My Technical Folder
I was pleased with this in the end although the rigs could all still be finessed a bit more in looks and in painting weights they worked enough to get some good animation out of it. I would have
liked to have spent even more time on them than i did, i only spent two days on the frank rig and two days on the Joey rig, so i feel these could have been more perfected.

The Blog......
Probably should have updated it a bit more but its got all the information needed I think.......

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