Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How the projects gone.....

Overall I think that this project has gone very well, I have managed to get involved in every aspect of the making of the film from concept right through to animation. I'm pleased with some of my concept work, although my style is very simplistic I like the marmot designs I came up with and was glad to start modelling the character. I ended up rigging the marmot a couple of times, and found it a huge learning curve when things went wrong or the rig broke. 
I wasn't suppose to be doing uv mapping,but created maps for each of the characters when David was struggling with trying to texture the characters, mine although not perfect seemed to help matters and we went with using mine.
When animating, I got into it using my rigs, and many were having problems with hayley's rig, so I decided that over the weekend would re-do the Mongolian rig, which when it was finished seemed to work better as it has elbows and knee joints. This did mean that rob then had to re-do his run cycle as he preferred to use mine.

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