Monday, 6 June 2011


daljeet gave us a sample of the animation today, it's looking good, but I was discussing with David where it might fit in the film. Some of the camera angles will need to change and perhaps add the mongolian in somewhere
We met up again to discuss the project,Sam came in dispute the renders and tried to get the film playblasted to see what else he needed. Hayley could not make it as she went home to Manchester for the weekend, but James managed to come and show us his work, I saw the block out last week and he has taken on board all the poses within the anamatic so the timing is perfect.we sT with him the whole day and went through where he could improve it. He had a lot of key frames that went needed and he added the chicken in. He finished it with us that day so that shot was completed if hayley's was not yet finished,
DAljeet came back to us and he had a problem with his marmots tail, I think he was using the rig before I fixed him. So I re imported the newest one and copied the key frames across so that the animation was the same and he didn't need to re-do any of the animation apart from the tail which was now easier to use.

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