Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How well have we worked in a Team?....

When the group formed, we had a really great team and mix of people. We all decided to work on Davids project as the other projects already had enough people working on them as it was. One problem for this was because more than one person was working on more films, so I decided to ask David if he wanted to carry on with his project, the Project was a chase sequence, and although the story wasn't quite there, there was a good vibe when we started the project. Everyone started to put into the film, Hayley did some great research into design and films and ideas, David and I started designing and Dean and Sam were in putting there ideas in.

The first term was very beneficial because for one of our projects we were allowed to practice what our specialism was and learn more about it so that when it came to it we would be able to do our work with more knowledge and less problems.

Over Christmas I think we all lost a bit of interest in the film as it wasn't pulling together as we would have liked, the Anamatic we were having problems with and the story kept on changing all the time.
When we spoke to Mike he suggested we look more into the Tex avery style of films like the coyote and Road runner. And some of the ideas got taken from some of the films. David and sam went through the anamatic together as too many people were trying to input into it and the film wasn't working.
When sam and david came back to us with the new anamatic, some of the camera shots could still be changed, but we decided that we had the story and was best to crack on and change the camera shots when some of the animation had been blocked out.
Everyone was pulling together in the second term, Hayley was testing my rigs, helping me to improve them and Animation began to start. Sam came up with some good renders. Although we had Dissertation this term, I think this was the most productive term.

The third term was a bit rocky, Ideally we needed everyone to be in college at the same time to discuss shots, problems with rigs and animation, but found that not everyone would be in at the same time, or some members would decide to work from home and then when problems came it was hard to correct them quickly.
We had some issues with the animation this term, what some thought was good enough for the film others did not, and i think it was down to not having enough animation practice that the animation has fallen in the film and could have been finessed to a much higher standard.

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